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Best rope pulling game in Delhi NCR, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon. rope pulling game for kids and adults for birthday and office events.

Rope pulling game is a traditional game. This game is also is widely known as Tug-a-War. one of the oldest games that have been played till now.  It is an interesting game usually played in festivals, events, and competitions. It is quite popular between children and adults.

How It Can Be Played

It is a game in which many persons can participate at a time. It involves a group in it. This game can be played by dividing the number of persons or kids into two groups that hold a rope between them. This game can also be called a game of strength.  The two groups that in rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team pull. The rope pulling game is a decisive game. In traditional times it was a war game for supremacy.  Teams are handheld during the game which makes it more difficult sometimes. In fairs, it is the most common game we would ever see. In this game, anyone can participate there is no gender-biased game. Men and women can equally participate in this game. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Hire Rope Pulling Game.


Two teams of equal numbers are determined to align themselves at the end of the rope. The teams start with centerline directly above a line marked on the ground and once the game started attempts to are made to pull the rope towards them and the marking on the rope closest to their opponent crosses or they commit a mistake.  There’s a factor that affects the game is players’ weight. The heavier the player is the more static friction their feet have to the ground and if someone’s weight is too less then their feet won’t be static on the ground they will simply slide on the ground. The more static friction will be there on the ground the more powerful will be the game of the team will be and the team will easily win the match. Hire Rope Pulling Game.

Risk Involved

Injury risk in this game will be low or no risk will there as our co-ordinator will therefore successfully complete of the game at every point of time. We will provide the items as well as the set-up of the game. The coordinator will coordinate the game with proper rules and regulations. The rope must go under the arms, actions such as pulling the rope over the shoulders may be considered foul.

Rope Pulling Game For Rent in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon

Rope pulling game is available for rent in Delhi NCR. Do contact Us for this wonderful and interesting game. Hire Us for birthday parties, events, festivals, corporate events, etc.

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