Foosball Table On Rent

We provide Foosball table on rent in Delhi for birthday party , corporate events and family day. Kids love to play Foosball game , this is very interesting game to play , you have to play football with hand , this is basically game between two people , those who will score more goal will won the match. Foosball Table On Rent In Delhi.

We have different size of Foosball table available for rent , one is 3 ft by 1.5 ft and the other one is 2 ft by 1.5 ft in size. Foosball Table In Delhi.

Foosball table is a classic table top game that is usually played in bars and sport arcades. But now this unique and fun version can be at your next event whether its’ a corporate event or even your wedding!  Foosball Table Near Me.

If your goal is for everyone to have to kick out your party, then the Foosball table is sure to be a hit! Foosball Table In Delhi.

Foosball Table Rental Delhi:

Therefore more players = More Fun. Our Foosball table provides lighting fast play possibilities for 2 to 16 players. Foosball Table Rental Delhi.

Our LED Foosball table runs on batteries, which is why it’s perfect for indoor venues or even parties outside at night. Playing football with hand is other level of adventure as you can kick and do goal. Foosball Table For Hire.

Hence it might not be suitable for little ones who can’t reach the handles of the rod but older kids and adults will get a kick out of playing a classic game in the dark. Our Foosball tables are a guaranteed crowd pleasure at any event. Foosball Table For Hire.

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