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Bhakti sagar organiser Delhi. Vayudev contribution in hanuman’s birth is very valuable. Father of Hanuman was Kesari and Mother was Anjana. With the blessings of Vayu dev Hanuman born by both of them. Bhakti sagar artist for hire.

Since His birth was a blessing for his parents. He was blessed with incredible powers. Hence Nobody was dared to defeat him in any race. As He was a kid once he consumed the Sun. He was capable to beat the heat actually. Bhakti sagar artist on rent.

Hence Sun asked him to marry with her daughter as being a daughter of sun she was hot by nature and nobody was capable to marry her except of Hanuman. As he was brhamchari and born in carnation of Lord Shiva. Bhakti sagar artist for hire.Sun told him that you and your image of brhamchari wouldn’t be damaged. Bhakti sagar artist rental.

Bhakti sagar Artist Guru gram:

Hanuman accepted the proposal and got married with her. Hanuman Ji known as SANKAT MOCHAN and in India every Tuesday is known as Hanuman’s day. Maximum and mostly Sunderkand path organizes on Tuesday. Sunderkand is the part of Rmacharit Manas. Bhakti sagar artist on rent.

In this part Ram and hanuman searched Sita in Lanka. In Sunderkand path we organize a set up of Ram Mandir and whole decoration accordingly as per budget of client. A Bhajan Mandali or an orchestra arrange for Sunderkand path. Bhakti sagar artist rental.

Hence we can provide you all type of bhakti sagar artist for events. So with this we also provide all the setup for the bhakti sagar like tent , sound , singer , mugician and many more..

Basically the way we decorate the devotional event its only can be understand after view the venue. Devout yourself into god and god will do better for you. Bhakti sagar organiser Delhi..

Similarly some other activity like Caricature artist,  Mehandi Artist , Long Man Artist and even more.

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