First Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party Ideas . Birthday is an occasion when person celebrate the date on which he/she born. And when it is about first, obviously related to infant baby. It is the greatest gift given by God to the Blessed Parents. Celebration of this auspicious occasion is another great happiness for them. First Birthday Party Planner.

Planning of this event is also special as 1st birthday. Decoration and arrangements is likely to be new as everything refers to new baby. From birthday cake to food and music. 1st birthday party organiser.

Birthday cake with candles spell out the traditional English birthday greeting. Musical lights and lots of balloons, soft toys add charm to the party. First Birthday Party Planner.

As it is first birthday Relatives and family members and their friends are the main crowd of the party. Ritual prayer can also be organized, if required. After that dance party starts. First Birthday Party Themes.  It may be also a theme based party, like every guest should be dressed in particular decided costume like birds, cartons etc. On entrance, small crown shaped caps given to the members. First Birthday Decoration Ideas.

First Birthday Party Theme:

We have different ideas for first birthday party . First birthday party are special for parents. First Birthday Party Themes.

If parents want to celebrate in religious manner, we can Mata Ki Chowki or Sai Sandhya and After that Dance party can be organized for kids, youth and adults. Photographer clicking the pictures and making video to made memories.  1st birthday party organiser.

Soups, cold drinks, chili pannier, cup cakes are the part of starters. Food is arranged for kids and adults both. First Birthday Decoration Ideas.

In return gifts, Prashad after prayer, sweets and small goodies bags can be given. First Birthday Party Ideas.

Some other theme are new born baby theme , Girls theme , Boys Theme and even more … First Birthday Party Ideas.

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One With Fun Theme

birthday party idea

Silver Star Theme

outdoor silver star theme party decoration