Hammer Game On Rent

Hammer game for birthday party

Hammer Game On rent . Hammer Game , you can also call it Power Checker is very interesting game which is very popular among kids and youngster .

You have to hit the hammer on machine to get the highest score , or you can ring the bell attached at the top of the machine , the highest point getter will win the match.

You can also call it Power Tester machine as you can check the power of any person. it’s a rivalry game between contrasting persons.

Most importantly Birthday Planner Provide Hammer Game machine on Rent in Delhi and NCR at very affordable rate .

This game is played between two individuals , whose score will be displayed on the screen , score of which individual will be higher will win the game.

You will see the highest score of the individuals at the top of the screen , if you will surpass the highest score your score will be displayed on the screen. Hammer Machine For Hire .

Hammer Game Rental:

Height of the hammer machine is approx 7 ft and width is approx 2.5 ft. You can have this game in indoor party also .

Furthermore these game are fun to have in the party , every one will be happy to show their strength they have . Hammer Game For Hire.

Finally we provide the best quality of hammer in Delhi – Ncr , who is best in quality and performance.

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