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Hammer game On Rent In Delhi-NCR

Hammer Game On rent Delhi. Hammer Game , you can also call it Power Checker is very interesting game which is very popular among kids and youngster .

You have to hit the hammer on machine to get the highest score , or you can ring the bell attached at the top of the machine. the highest point getter will win the match. Hammer Machine In Delhi .

You can also call it Power Tester machine as you can check the power of any person. it’s a rivalry game between contrasting persons.

Most importantly Birthday Planner Provide Hammer Game machine on Rent in Delhi and NCR at very affordable rate . It is basically 7 ft in height and 2.5 ft width . Hammer Machine Rental Delhi.

This game is played between two individuals or between groups. When you hit the hammer score will be displayed on the screen. Score of which individual or group will be higher will win the game. Hammer game for hire in Gurgaon.

You will see the highest score of the individuals at the top of the screen , if you will surpass the highest score your score will be displayed on the screen. Hammer Machine For Hire Gurugram .

Hammer Game Rental DELHI:

Height of the hammer machine is approx 7 ft and width is approx 2.5 ft. You can have this game in indoor party also. Hammer machine on rent in Faridabad.

Furthermore these game are fun to have in the party , every one will be happy to show their strength they have . Hammer Game For Hire.

Finally we provide the best quality of hammer in Delhi – Ncr , who is best in quality and performance. You can also call it power checker , test your strength , show your muscles power , strength checker and even more.

What the highest possible score is that one can achieve on this game ?
The highest achievable score on this game is 999. 

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