During the renaissance era in the Venetian Carnival, the masquerade ball theme party had originated. Till now it is in vogue and people love to attend this theme party. If you are someone who throws the best party for friends then you should select this theme. Well, do not worry about how to arrange them, give us the duty we will arrange everything as you want. Let us know your imagination, we will help you with the invitation, food, music, and decoration.


People throw costume parties but if someone wants something posh and classy, then they should try the masquerade ball theme. This concept is not limited to Halloween, people select this theme for their birthdays, fundraising galas, bachelorette, bridal showers, New Year’s Eve, and so on. Young girls and boys everyone enjoys this particular theme party.


Things to keep in mind for a Masquerade ball theme party


Colour scheme: The colour palette will be bright eye-catching ones, though some people opt for the classier ones like black and white or black and gold. If you are someone who is fun-loving then do not limit yourself to these colours, you choose vibrant colours like yellow, green, violet, blue and so on. Do not forget to tell the theme to your guests so that they can dress in this manner.


Venue: The ideal venue for a masquerade ball theme party should be in a historic house. If you do not have a venue in mind then we can decorate any place according to this theme. The place will be big enough for everyone to move around freely and show off their costumes. Indoors are the best option for this theme so that people can dance and groove at the same time.


Decor: The decor of a masquerade ball party is the main thing to focus on. There will be chandeliers, lanterns, feathers, candelabras, string curtains. At the doorstep, we will keep masks of different colours and shapes so that guests can pick one according to their choice. To give a feel of the Renaissance period we use Venetian style furniture and lamps.


Food: The showstopper of every party is the food; you may decorate the place very well but if the food is not tasty then guests will never appreciate it. Clients generally prefer north Italian dishes like creamy cod on toasted polenta. For this party, it can be a full buffet spread or a sit-down meal. For drinks, there can be alcohol but it totally depends on the host.


Hire Us For Masquerade Ball Theme Party 


Allow us to design this party for you, this will be something that you and your guests will remember for a long time. Your guests will appreciate and will look forward to the next party you will throw. Do not worry about the budget, we do everything within the limit of our clients. We do not compromise on the quality, throwing colourful and unique parties is our strength.




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