Dancing Pad On Rent

Dancing Pad On Rent

Dancing pad on rent in delhi for birthday parties , events , family day , corporate events at very reasonable price.

Dancing Pad have different style of pattern associated with it. It has different variety of music and color , as you move from one pad to other the color and the music of dancing pad will change ant it will happen every time when you will go from one block to another . So have fun with new and innovative dancing pad from us.

Basically we use it at birthday parties and marriages. Dancing pad is very popular in corporate and family day party. Dancing pad is single user item therefore it is very enjoyable for the party. It is made of plastic.

Player – single

Equipment – Dancing Pad

Its other name is Dancing mat, Dancing floor and Dance platform. This is a electric game. It is single operated game with screen and dancing mat.

Most importantly Dance pads are divided into a 3×3 matrix of square panels for the player to stand on so with some or all of the panels corresponding to directions or actions within the game. Some dancing pad have some extra panel.

dancing pad for children's birthday party