Kangaroo Boxing On Rent

Kangaroo Boxing On Rent , boxing by wearing wearing suit and big fluppy boxing gloves , funny but very interesting and energetic game . This game is for youngster , they would love to have one to one with each other in funny way .

We will provide you boxing ring of 8 ft by 8 ft with dress and boxing gloves. The ring will be covered from all four sides with foam stripes and its base is fully bouncy. Kangaroo Boxing Ring For Hire.

The gloves is very flippy and flimsy , it can’t hurt you . This game has three round , in each round you will get some point , after three round , the higher scorer will win the match. Kangaroo Boxing Ring In Delhi.

We provide kangaroo boxing on rent in delhi ncr at very affordable price. This game is popular among collage student , they love to play sporty games . You just rent this game and we will do the rest for you . Kangaroo Boxing For Hire.

Kangaroo Boxing Rental Delhi:

As the name kangaroo boxing came in mind as when you wear it you will look like kangaroo. It’s made in the shape of kangaroo , too blubber in the middle giving it the shape of kangaroo. Playing such game is really funny , as the kangaroo suit is little heavy , you have to balance yourself while fighting with each other.

Boxing suit for events , every one love to play this kangaroo boxing as this is fun to play. You have to hit each other and try to knockout the opposite person so that you can win a point. This will have 3 round those who will knockout other person most will win the match.  Kangaroo Boxing For Event.

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