Cricket Theme Party Planner

Cricket theme party planner . Basically This is a game of  bat and  ball which is being played between two teams of 11 members. Cricket theme party Delhi.

Since it is played on a 20 meters rectangle pitch and  wickets (wooden sticks) and 2 bales on  both side of pitch. Cricket themed birthday party .

So bowler throw a ball towards the batsman and batsman hit the ball with his bat to get some runs. Cricket themed birthday party.

Since cricket is a world known game and people are crazy about the cricket. Cricket theme party Delhi.

Besides this for boys cricket is a very smart and bold theme to decorate their birthday party. Cricket themed birthday party .

However we suggest the birthday boy need to be dressed up like a cricketer and guests kids may also be in cricket dress. Cricket theme party Delhi.

Hence to recognize the theme we spread the grass pitch on entry gate and as well as under the cake table. Cricket theme party ideas.

Cricket Themed Birthday Party:

Above all famous cricketer’s cutouts decorate over all the venue and wickets also been used as props. Similarly we can also have cricket bowling machine , so you can also use it for game purpose. Cricket theme party decoration.

Hence this theme is one of the trending theme these days , every one wants to be like Tendulkar or Kohli. Cricket theme party decoration.

First of all whole area should be decorated with hangings of cricket props with balloon printed with cricket props with balloons and many more. Cricket theme party ideas.

Similarly cutouts of different cricket props or different cricket’s should be placed at different places. For example cricket , bat ball wicket , pad , gloves should be hanged at different places. On the other hand we can also have backdrop for cake table with cricket theme on it. Cricket theme party decoration.

Similarly some other theme  Unicorn theme , Strawberry Shortcake theme , Snow white theme and even more..Cricket theme party planner.

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