Snow White Theme Party Planner

Snow White Theme Party Planner.  Snow White” is a German fairy tale. A sweet little which is very fair and blue eyes. Fairy tale features Magic Mirror, the poisoned apple, the glass coffin and the characters of the evil queen/stepmother and the seven dwarfs. Snow White Theme Party Planner.

Hence transforming the party area into a room fit for a princess with Snow White Party decorations. Decoration can be done with colored cotton balls ,  making various shapes of snow and for soft look we can use artificial trees, birds sitting on the light colored green branches and many more items… Snow White Themed Birthday Party.

Similarly Pearl strings hanging at the doors and also stitched with curtains and table clothes and chair covers. Stage decorated with balloons. It also can be turned into white color snow white theme party. Snow White Theme Party Ideas.

Since cake to be look so yummy as like as Snow therefore we can add flavor of apple and Strawberry. So Cream made Snow White and Dwarfs should be placed around the cake. Snow White Theme Party Delhi.

Different jellies  sugar cookies and  juices are for refreshment. Apple cup cakes with cherry on the top. Snow White Theme Party Decoration.

Furthermore games are the most important feature of the party, like pass the poison apples, Hide and seek between Snow white, Dwarfs and Evil Queen. Snow White Theme Party Delhi.

Hide the gold coin shaped chocolates and players have to find out. Different rhymes playing on the Music player. Snow White Themed Birthday Party.

Snow White Theme Party Decoration:

Hence mirror platter for serving the dishes. Main course meal is there as per party time. Therefore Chocolate shakes, strawberry, Vanilla Ice-creams as a dessert. Snow White Theme Party Ideas.

Finally small baskets containing chocolates, candies and Hair clips in the shape of story characters along with the small decorated mirror is for return gift. Snow White Theme Party Organizer.

Some other theme party Olivia theme , Peacock theme , Nemo theme  and even more..

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