Don't Buzz The Wire Game On Rent

Don’t buzz the wire game on rent in delhi ncr for events at very low cost .

Don’t buzz the wire game is very tricky and complicated game , required care and skill because of its touch-and-go features.

In this game you have to move an iron rod through a zig zag wire flowing current on it .

You have to move the iron rod from one end to other without touching the wire.

If the rod touches the wire you will feel current or shock.

You have to start the game again , every one will get the three chance and those who will finish will win the game .

Don’t buzz the wire game is almost 5 ft by 3 ft in size , good for outdoor game , not for kids .

This game is famous among young guys , they love challenging game and love to take risk .

So order our don’t buzz the wire game on rent and take challenge to complete without buzzing the wire.

Buzz the wire game for party