Bowling Alley On Rent

Bowling alley game on rent for events and birthday. Bowling alley is a sports game in this you have to spin or roll the ball in a particular direction to hit the target.

You have to break the pin or target at the other end , you will get 3 chance to break it, you have to break all 10 pin, try until you break it. Hand made bowling alley.

Furthermore we have different size of bowling alley , it starts from 8 ft to 12 ft to 20 ft in length and 2 ft in width with unique design. We supply bowling alley on hire in delhi-ncr for events , family day , corporate parties. Big bowling alley for rent.

Kids or Youngster both enjoy to play bowling game . Therefore its a competitive game and every one love to compete with each other in healthy way for fun. Bowling alley for rent.

Bowling alley game for children’s and adults. This game for the party. It is very interesting game for party and birthday party. Bowling alley is a single player game. There are one big ball and 10 alley. In each alley the bowler have two chance to throw the ball . Bowling alley game for hire.

Bowling Alley Game For Rent:

Basically it is a sport or leisure activity in which a player rules throws a bowling ball towards a target. It is one of the major forms of throwing sports, in pin bowling variations, the target is usually to knock over pins at the end of a lane. Mini bowling alley for rent.

Hence in general, one point is scored for each pin that is knocked over. So if a player bowls over three pins with the first shot, then six with the second. The player would receive a total of nine points for that frame. Bowling alley game for hire.

So if a player knocks down 9 pins with the first shot, but misses with the second, the player would also score nine. When a player fails to knock down all ten pins after their second ball it is known as an open frame. Bowling alley in Delhi.

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Bowling alley for event
Bowling Alley Game On Rent
Bowling alley for party
bowling alley game for party