Animal Rides On Rent In Delhi

We provide different variety of animal rides on rent for events in delhi-ncr like camel ride , elephant ride , horse ride , buggy ride and many more rides.

Animal riding is very attractive for kids, youngsters and adults as well. Whenever we go to any hill station, deserts, or for any of regional immigration.

We use to ride for a Horse, Camel, Elephant, or many other animals available accordingly. In parties and some events use to hire animals to make the event attractive, and to take rides on the hired animals perpously.

Only friendly animals can take place in events or parties cause being pets they understand the ideas how to make people happy on the hints of their masters. Animals we hire for riding should be hygiene and well fed by the masters during the party, fairs or events they shouldn’t be hungry.

They must be served water in maximum quantity so they shouldn’t be suffering from dehydration at all during the rides. Much decorated animals should be checked thoroughly because some of masters decorate their pets to cover up their wounds, but doesn’t treat them at all.

We maximum see that camels, and elephants are more of likely are covered with beautiful embroidered covers on their backs, mostly masters do this to cover their lackness. Before riding either out or in a party should be checked by the vendor as we do always.

Horse Ride

horse ride for birthday party

Camel Ride

camel ride in delhi

Elephant Ride

wedding party for elephant

Buggy Ride

special movement with buggy