Toy Catcher Machine On Rent

 Toy catcher machine on rent . Toy catcher machine game is oldest game but it is famous among kids. Through this machine kids catches toys of its own choice , or you can make it interesting by arranging competation among kids.

Every kids have their turn , those who will catch the toys in one go he will play the next round and so on , game will have a winner. Toy catcher machine on rent in delhi

We have top quality of toy catching machine on rent , depending upon your choice you can select from them.

Toy catcher machine is almost 6 ft in height and 2.5 ft in width , can be installed in both indoor party and outdoor party also. You can put different variety of item inside the toy catcher machine like soft toys , artificial fruits , toys or any item of your choice.

Claw machine is simple to play , you just have to move the lever in the direction that you want , move the lever towards the gift that you want and fix the target then press the button to catch the prize , and then bring back the gift towards the pot to collect the prize .

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