Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality On Rent Delhi. Witnessing the reality , Virtually with this immersive technology user can experience virtually created worlds with life like interaction .

Therefore allowing them to see , touch , here and experience digital content more personally , making it a powerful medium to advertise on . Virtual reality for rent Delhi.

Hence need to visit Paris ? Take a Virtual tour ! Want to explain your product ? Create a customized VR app ! We leverage this power full medium to create content that suit your business need. Virtual reality for hire Delhi.

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virtual reality on rent

360 live

360 Live is a Virtual Experience considered highly innovative and immensely impact full . It is a unique technology, which captures and displays the data and information in live action 360 format.

Along with binaural sounds. 360 Live display’s the content as if the user is actually teleport ad to a location that is being displayed. Virtual reality rental.


Therefore it is a perfect location for showcase our moment , property and / or a facility which creates a memorable experience.

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VR Lab

VR Lab is a 360 degree lab environment that is designed and created to showcase the client’s premade video content in VR Mode. Our VR Lab is divided into multiple sections. Virtual Reality In Delhi.

Since ,  each wall of our VR Lab is equipped with Wide Viewing angle plasma screens in which client can showcase their content. So each wall of the VR Lab is produced in such a way that it can be used for branding purposes. Virtual reality for hire Delhi.

Virtual Reality For Hire:

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VR Arena

This may sound similar to our 360 Live concept but instead of capturing a real live action location or environment, the VR scene is conceptualized, designed and constructed with 3D computer generated imagery (CGI). Virtual Reality Game.

The kind of world that can be created in such an arena is only limited by imagination. Not only CGI but also live action real world scenarios can be captured and  projected in VR.  Virtual Reality Game On Rent In Delhi.

vr game for event

VR Gaming

VR gaming is a concept straight out of your favourite Sci-Fi movie. It’s where a person can experience being in a three-dimensional playground essentially interacting with the environment during game play in an intriguing and fun fashion. Our  virtual Reality Game is  a perfect game for your next event.

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