Vending Machine On Rent Delhi

This is basically a machine in which you put a coin and the product will come out of it. Hence we have different variety of vending machine available for hire and for sale. Coin operated weight machine on rent.

Iconic Electronic coin weighting machine for rent in guru gram. In this machine you have to insert a coin , after inserting the light will flash in machine and after that a card will come out from the machine with your weight on it.

There are different variety of vending machine available such as weight machine , coffee machine , cold drink machine , chips machine , Diper machine and many other machine. Vending machine rental Delhi.

This is one of the best weighting machine available these days , one of the oldest weight machine that is available for rent in guru gram. Vending machine for hire.

Mostly you will see these machine in shopping complex, metro station, malls and at different places.You can also place at different events , function, party and at different corporate events. Coin operated weight machine on rent.


Weight Capacity : It basically starts from 0 kg and goes up to 120 kg.

Machine Type : This machine is basically automatic.

Display Type : It has full LCD screen.

Material Type : It has mild steel framework.

Operating Voltage : It takes voltage of 220 V.

Surface Finish : It is basically Powder Coated.

Weighting machine is basically installed at railway station. This is the oldest weight machine available in Delhi. It create a magical sound that will do some wonder. Every one is eager to check their weight , they always want to know their weight. Vending machine rental Delhi.

Some other services like Inauguration lamp , Confetti, German Hanger , Led lights and many more.

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Electronic Coin Operated Weighting Machine

coin operated weight machine