Tom & Jerry Theme Party Planner

INVITATIONS : A few weeks before the birthday party, you can send out our customized themed invitation cards , or you could even design your own with a computer package,  we provide free to our customer , or if you are more artistic , you could make the invitations by drawing the characters on.

Tom and Jerry Decoration Ideas:

Tom and Jerry are pretty characters so we will draw images of them chasing each other, eating cake and pointing the way to party.

To label the bathroom we copied and pasted an image of Tom looking in the window at Jerry.

Always Choose bright colors such as yellow , red and blue to give a real cartoon feel to the room.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES : Striving to keep it simple because of the ages of the party attendees and the quantity of them which I wanted to keep it simple.

We played a hot cheese with a kind of yellow foam dice which can be found at the money tree .

The second game was Bomb Tom which was created with a Money Tree bucket with an image of Tom looking concern paste on it and a rubber ball with a piece of thick yarn hot glued to it to resemble a bomb.

The final game will be Hunted Mouse , in which we use plastic Easter eggs with little mice drawn on them. We hide these in the playroom and invites kids to help you to get rid  of the infestation of mice.

Tom and Jerry Theme

PARTY SNACKS : We had Tom’s Lucky Cat Food which was made from chocolate Charms and Swedish kind fish . Use cookie cutters for cutting out cat and mouse shapes in biscuits , sandwiches, Chessey platter and cake .

You could also make red and blue jelly in cat and mouse shaped moldings.

Centerpiece include a cake with blue and red toppings of small ice cubes for icing.

Of course, your party wouldn’t be complete without Jerry’s favorite food i.s cheese.

Cheesecake Bites with little Jerry cheesecake nibbles in bonbon wrappers and dyed yellow and holes’s poked in it.

The party colors of yellow , blue and red were piped on the cake, and used star-shaped rings.

Tom and Jerry faces on them as a border on the side of the cake, which doubled as favors.

tom and jerry for boys theme planner
tom and jerry theme party decoration idea
tom and jerry theme party decor ideas