Snake & Ladder Game On Rent

Snake and Ladder Game On Rent .Snakes & Ladders games is oldest but interesting game for events or birthday loved by young children.

This game is played by two or more player on a board having number from 1 to 100 printed in a square box. Snake and Ladder Game are printed on board , connecting two squares, you have to move according to the die rolls , from start to finish, help or delay by ladders or snakes.

Snake & Ladder Game are very interesting game you have to start from 0(bottom) and go through the numbers to 100(top). When 6 comes on dice token will start to move .

After counting if token will go on a square where snake face lies , then you have to move back to its tail , and if after counting your token comes to the ladder bottom then you can move your token at the top of the ladder , and then the counting starts from there.

Those who will finish the first will win and other will continue till he finishes.Birthday Planner have different variety of snakes and ladders games available for rent at very moderate or nominal rate .

Hence snake and ladder is a game of luck played by between two and four player. Snake and ladder game for children and adults game. it can be play and enjoy by all ages. Its game for party and adults party. This game is old and popular game in young and children. Snake and ladder game to play with your friends and family. You need to print board game, and you can print counter and dies too.

Player – This game for only two or four player.

Rules of games – Everybody knows this game rule. There are two players Each player put their counter on the space that says start here.

Snake & Ladder Game For Hire

Snake and ladder game is depend on our choice, This game have hard board number start from 1 to 100. One is the starting square and 100 the end square.

There are various amounts of snakes and ladders of differing lengths printed on the board, and a single die; the use of a dice-shaker is optional.

Beside colored counters are used as playing pieces, but colored buttons or any other objects small enough to fit on the playing squares can be used.

The varying lengths of the snakes and ladders will move a players piece backwards or forwards, slowing down or speeding up their race to the end. Some of the snakes and ladders are short because they are only a small set back, or have small advantage.

However there is usually at least one long ladder, that takes a player about a quarter up the board.

Hence most traditional boards have the head of a long snake at square number 99.

Then taking the unfortunate player almost a quarter back down the board, just when they were nearly at winning square.

So to decide who starts the game, the players take turns in rolling the die. The player with the highest score starts, and rolls the die again to move. The race to the end of the board begins. All players start with their playing piece off the board, with square number one as the first square. More than one playing piece can occupy the same square.

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