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Rajasthani Puppet Show On rent . Rajasthani puppet show is also known as kathputli dance means kaath Ki putli (wooden dolls). It is a very old in trend. Rajasthani Puppet Show For Hire.

Since we used to watch kathputli show in our school time in fairs and individually as well. it is a local folk style to telling a story by dance, songs and conversations within puppets. Rajasthani Puppet Show In Delhi.

So it is old but rich in contents. It is the way to tell a folk tale story in a very light way. Rajasthani Puppet Show For Hire.

Hence Audience never gets bore by watching this show. Rajasthani villagers discovered this Puppet show. Basically Kathputli is the doll which is being operated by a single person with the help of a string on head of puppets. Rajasthani Puppet Show For Event.

Hence this Rajasthani kathputli show has become famous with the name of Rajasthani Puppet Show. We have 1st class and presentable Rajasthani Puppeteers for all your birthday parties or any of co-operate events. Hence rajasthani puppeteers are best puppet show for events and birthday parties. Rajasthani Puppet Show For Rent.

Rajasthani Puppet Show Rental Delhi:

Basically puppet show is a traditional activity. It is belong to rajasthani culture and this time it is very trendy for parties, birthday parties, school program. Children’s like it very much., so school and parents make puppet show by puppet show organizer for children’s. Rajasthani Puppet Show On Rent.

There are many different varieties of puppets, and they are made of a wide range of materials and wear traditional dress. Rajasthani Puppet Show In Delhi.

  • Finger puppet
  • Soak puppet
  • Hand puppet
  • Live hand puppet and even more.

Some other activity like Modern Puppet show , Donald Puppet , Bungee Jumping , Human Foosball , Meltdown Game and even more . Rajasthani Puppet Show For Event.

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