Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Planner

Humpty Dumpty is a popular character in an English nursery rhyme. Humpty Dumpty Themed Party can be organized for kids as well as adults. Guest will be invited with beautifully designed Egg shaped note cards as Humpty Dumpty itself. Everyone has to wear bow with their dresses. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Delhi.

Therefore Brick wall picture on the front or at the entrance and Humpty Dumpty shaped balloons tied and make a beautiful arch for entry. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Planner.

Hence Egg cartoons, Humpty Dumpty Giant Balloons in the corners of the venue and a very big one in the center where the Humpty Dumpty yummy birthday cake placed. Humpty Dumpty Themed Birthday Party.

Therefore Round tables are covered with printed white table clothes with red polka dots on it. Slim flower vases placed in the centre of each table with one Dandelion, Lavender or any single stem flower. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Decoration.

Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Ideas:

Hence Egg shaped Lamp shade can also be placed on each table according the time and venue of the party. Therefore Chairs are also decorated with blue and pink satin ribbon making bow tied behind the chair. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Delhi.

Contrasting wine glasses for juice and ice cream and printed cartoon crockery will do well. So Red Fence of Balloons with green colored curled ribbon behind the Stage is decorated for performance and skits. Funky Chandelier will also add light and shimmer to event. Humpty Dumpty Themed Birthday Party.

Similarly colorful small paper fans standing in the glasses decorated at the meal table. Since variety of cookies, juices, soups, salads, cupcakes, rolls, pan pizza and main course as per the taste. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Decoration.

Similarly Various fun activities like Cut out eyes, noses, mouths, hats, etc. from felt and let the children glue them onto the egg to make a Humpty Dumpty face. Likewise Egg and Spoon Race, Plastic Easter type eggs with candy or prizes and hide and guests search around for the eggs. And keep it as a prizes and this can also be used for the Goody or Loot bag that the kids can take home as a return gifts. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Ideas.

Similar some other theme party Olive Theme , Strawberry shortcake theme , Frozen theme and even more.. Humpty Dumpty Theme Party Planner.

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