Bhool Bhulaiyaa Game On Rent In Delhi

Hire Bhool Bhulaiyaa game for birthday party to make it unforgettable.


Bhool Bhulaiyaa Game. A birthday party or event is mostly about having fun. And who does not like adventure? What if, as theme birthday planner, says to you that we could make your life more exciting when you were attending an event or a birthday party?


You have come to the correct spot searching for some extremely fun and straightforward Birthday Planner  theme birthday party planners. Here, you may hire Maze  game for birthday party.


Our concepts are straightforward to reproduce and will not break the bank. They will be a smashing success at your birthday celebration.


This kind of game does not need an iPad, and your party attendees may participate in it in person. We know they will want to play the game – but we have some offline fun to share with you.


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Why hire bhool bhulaiyaa game for birthday party?


We provide bhool bhulaiyaa games for events and birthday parties to ensure that no one is bored and everyone has a good time.


The Bhool Bhulaiyaa Game is a famous mystery and exciting game for children and adults alike. The game is very interactive. The many levels and twisting passages enable you to stay in touch. You can organise groups as you enter Bhool bhulaiyaa. Players goers negotiate routes to accomplish a shared objective. You may form teams of people to compete against one another in a bhool bhulaiya game. Bhool Bhulaiyaa game for birthday party is a pleasant pastime that individuals of any age range may enjoy.




The bhool bhulaiyaa’s objective is to travel via paths, underpasses, and bridges to locate the four corner towers. The fifth center tower may be located appropriately only after exiting tower 4.


There are three distinct levels of difficulty, depending on your mood and who is with you.


Additionally, these levels are classified according to age groups.


  • Simple: Locate one or two corner towers.
  • Medium: Locate all four corner towers in whatever order you want.
  • Hard: Find the number of corner towers 1 – 2 – 3 – 4


They will, of course, like this bhool bhulaiyaa in a real-life game. If you need instructions on how to play the bhool bhulaiyaa game, just ask your children. The imposter/s poses as a crew member while sabotaging the game. In the actual game, there are chores to do along the route.


Hire bhool bhulaiyaa game for birthday party because this competitive game lets your team discover new ways to meet and test their fast thinking and agility. It is an excellent method to relieve stress and ultimately fulfill your goal of being a spy!




Do you want a memorable birthday celebration? Then hire our best games  from us. We provide a unique and enjoyable bhool bhulaiyaa game for rental to commemorate your birthday. At your chosen location, take part in an immersive experience of real-life escape games. Our staff will work with you to ensure that your birthday is one to remember!


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