Beer Puppet Game Rental Guru gram

Beer puppet game for hire. Since beer puppet is very interesting game as in this you have to drink beer with the help of thread attached with stick at the top..

So basically you have to adjust the thread accordingly when you will pull right thread glass will move up. And similarly when you will pull left thread glass will move right . Beer puppet game on rent.

Accordingly to the movement you have to adjust the thread so that you can handle the glass position.  And by doing it you have to drink beer from the glass. Beer puppet game rental.

Hence if you can drink all beer from the glass then you will win the game and of beer fall from glass then you have to start fresh. Every one will get three chance to complete this process. in these chance you have to drink the glass beer. Beer puppet game for hire.

These games are interesting among youngster , as they love to drink and love to play such interesting games. Beer puppet game on rent.

Some other activity like , beer pong table , jenga game , rain dance , swimming pool and many more items.

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beer puppet game on rent

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