Wax Han On Rent In Delhi

Wax Hand On Rent In Delhi. WAX HANDS, is an INTERNATIONAL INTERACTIVE experience that we have introduced in India . This product is seen at all the MADAME TUSSAUDS WAX MUSEUMS over the world.

Wax Hands are same size Wax Sculptures of your own hands created in different Shapes & Colours. The USP of our product is, the customer himself is involved in creating the sculpture of his own hand.

All materials used by us are totally safe for all age groups. Wax hand -Wax Hands Activity can make your party a great success as well as a very memorable your parties and event.

When planning a party you should create an atmosphere that is exciting and fun for both kids and adults. It is the Extras that you provide to your guests that makes them enjoy themselves that much more. Wax hand artist for hire.

Wax Hand Artist For Hire:

With our wax hands creation, you make your party more unique. Our professional, well trained staff allows you and your guests to enjoy the party, relax, and kick back, while we serve you. Our professional attendants guide you through the process, beginning with dipping your hands in the hot wax several times. Wax hand artist in Delhi

Next we add colors of your choice, gently remove the wax from your hand, and then allow the wax form to harden. After only a few minutes, the mold is finished and you have a really cool, personalized sculpture to take home. Similarly hand shape with wax is ready to carry. Hence we set up at your party with plenty of wax for unlimited creations. Wax hand on rent in Delhi

Most importantly the wax dye is non toxic and washable, so you don’t have to worry about staining, and it only takes a few minutes to create.

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