Underwater Theme Party Planner

Keep the food simple and use the red, yellow and blue color scheme in your food choices.

Green jello moulds or jello cut into cubes to look like rocks or Kryptonite crystals

Cookies with yellow and red icing in the shape of the Superman . 1st letter or use our recipe for making Sugar Cookie , shaped cookie cutters, and an assortment of colorful icing.

Decorate the cookies before the party or use the cookies as an activity.

Underwater theme party is very much in attraction now days as theme of birthday parties.

Under water or under sea comes in mind and only blue water, different types of fish, crab, tortoise, snake.

Whale , Shark, barnacles, clown fish, coral, dolphin, crocodiles, flying fish, fan worms, leafy sea dragon, Mollusks, quahogs, purple tubes sponges, wiper fish, yellow tang fish, Mermaids, and many plants full of minerals and vitamins.

Hence if you throw a underwater theme party then you will find the entry gate decoration with blue balloons would seen as water bubbles and pillar as sea plants with the undersea animals on the top of pillars.

Similarly cutouts of Mermaid, Star fish, whale, crocodiles, Mollusks, dolphins and undersea plants are decorate with the help of balloons sculptures and foil balloons also being used to give a water look to the venue. Inflatable characters and live characters related to the theme also roams among st the guests.

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