Beach theme party Planner

Beach theme party planner Delhi . A beach themed party is always one of the best summer parties for families, couples, and singles alike.  Beach Theme Party Decoration . Birthday is special occasion for everyone and if it falls in summer the best way is to organize the event near the pool side, so we organize the beach theme party. Beach Theme Party Delhi.

As the idea of event clicks, invitation to the guests with the blue and green invitation cards. The venue should be near to pool and the area should be huge. Decorate the venue in such a way that it appears as a mini Goa. Beach Themed Birthday Party.

Artificial sea shells and round stones are placed on the ground to give the original look to the event also use the stone- made sea animals enhance the charm of the event.  Beach Theme Party In Delhi. Arrangement of cane furniture with light blue, green and yellow canopies and for table decorations, use seashells, starfish, snorkel masks or sunglasses. Beach Theme Party Planner.

Hence hanging candle stands with burning candles take the place of decorative electric light looks amazing if the party is in evening time. Therefore you will love to bring lots of sand toys, beach balls, and shovels for the children, plus beach umbrellas, extra beach towels and beach chairs. Remember to have plenty of sunscreen on hand as well as event is in day time. Beach Theme Party Ideas.

Scatter lots of beach balls throughout the yard or hanging from trees, and hang extra bathing suits on a fence. Arrangement for changing room is the priority for that kind of event. Beach Theme Party Planner.

Beach Theme Party Ideas:

Most Importantly arrangement of beach games like buried in the Sand Treasure Hunt, Beach Ball Icebreaker, Sand Castle Relay. Beach Theme Party Decoration.

Printed trees and big flowers shirt with shorts and lowers are the best costumes for that type of event and for girl’s looks more beautiful if they wear hair bands with big plastic flowers. Beach Theme Party In Delhi . And men should wear beach comber hat. Beach Theme Party ideas.

As far as food is concern barbecue menu would be perfect for a beach birthday party also Macaroni and cheese using the Shells pasta – serve in large conch shells. Make sure to bring a barbecue grill onto the beach. Apple and lime juice for non alcoholic drinkers and fanny, vodka and cocktail for alcoholic lovers. Beach Theme Party Decoration.

As the event is for birthday occasion a big star fish shape cake with icing will do well. Return gifts is a memory of the event so don’t forget to give return gifts to the guests like sea shell made clips, key chains, bottle openers, photo frames etc also the use of marble items do well. Beach Themed Birthday Party.

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