Teletubbies Theme Party Planner

Teletubbies Theme Party Planner . Decorations: Decorate using the Teletubbies colors: yellow, red, green and purple. Use the colors for streams, balloons, table covers, and party supplies. Or use character party supplies. Teletubbies theme party decor idea.

Cover tables in green table cover. Use small plush bunnies for decorations. Tie a cluster of balloons to the bunnies. You can find a good deal on plush bunnies right after Easter. Or tie a cluster of balloons to a Teletubbies doll. Teletubbies Theme Party Ideas.

Decorate with pinwheels around the party area. Use a big Mylar balloon in the shape of a sun. Or have a pic of the sun with your child’s face in the center enlarged to hang on the wall. Enlarge pictures of the characters and set up around the party area. Teletubbies Themed Birthday Party.

Teletubbies Theme Party Planner:

Cover a small square box with solid colored paper. Cut a square out of a sheet of Mylar paper and glue this onto the center of the front of the box to make a Teletubbies TV. Teletubbies Theme Party In Delhi.

Cake or Cupcakes: Sun cake. Bake and frost a round cake with bright yellow icing. Spread icing onto pointed ice cream cones and roll them in bright yellow colored sugar. Insert cones in the sides of the cake to resemble sun rays. Teletubbies Theme Party Ideas.

Get an edible photo image of the birthday child to put in the center of the sun. Bake cupcakes and tint white frosting yellow, purple, green and red. Frost cupcakes. Top with a little pinwheel pick. Food and Snacks: Tubby Toast. Teletubbies theme party decor idea.

You could serve toast with jam also Cut into circle shapes with a cookie cutter also You can even draw on a smiley face with squeezable jam or jelly. Toby Custard. Serve vanilla pudding or yogurt. Fruit cups using the Teletubbies colors. Teletubbies Themed Birthday Party .

Red strawberries, Green grapes or honeydew melon balls, Purple grapes, and yellow banana slices. Serve colored fruit juice boxes. Grape juice, Fruit punch, etc. Teletubbies theme party decor idea.

Teletubbies Theme Party  Ideas:

Goodie Bags and Prizes: Use colored paper sacks in yellow, red, purple, and green. Or fit your favors into a small red purse just like Tinky Winky Fill with: Teletubbies character favours. Teletubbies stickers. Teletubbies coloring/activity book. Small pinwheel. Small orange play ball. Teletubbies Theme Party In Delhi.

Games and Activities: Pin the Hat on Dipsy. Enlarge a picture of Dipsy. Make cut-outs of the hat using stocks of card or paper used for construction . Pass Lala’s Ball. Played like hot potato. Pass around a small orange play ball. Teletubbies theme party decor idea.

What’s in Tinky Winky’s purse. Fill a big red purse or we you can use gift bag with different items such as a whistle or a bouncy ball or a pair of sunglasses, etc. Teletubbies Theme Party In Delhi.

Let the kids take turns putting just their hands in the bag and try to guess what the object is by just feeling with their own hands . Dance around to Dipsy’s Hat Dance. Set out Teletubbies colouring pages and crayons for the kids to color. You can even mount the pages on a vinyl placemat. Teletubbies Themed Birthday Party.

Let the kids colour them and then “laminate” using clear contact paper. Feed Noonoo. Enlarge a picture of Noonoo. Cut out space near the nozzle part. Toss foam balls into Noonoo. Played like a bean bag toss. Watch a Teletubbies video. Teletubbies Themed Birthday Party.

This is a great activity for the guests while they are waiting to be picked up. Ask your child to give each guest a “Big Hug” as they depart. Teletubbies Theme Party In Delhi.

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