Leap The frog Game

Leap The Frog Game On Rent , put the frog into the hole , hammer the frog into pot known by many names but all are same game . It’s almost 4 ft by 2ft by length in size , can be played as indoor or outdoor game as well.

It has two part , one part has square box with hole in it , other part has seesaw, on one side of seesaw we put the frog and on other side we have to strike the seesaw by hammer so that frog jump into the pot .

It’s sound easy but its one of the difficult and interesting game these days , you have to strike the hammer with fixed force to put the frog in ti the hole. You can play individuals or in groups , every one will get three chance , those who will put more frog into the hole will definitely win.

We provide leap the frog game on the rent in delhi ncr at very affordable rate , one of the best game in delhi right now.

Leap the frog planner