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Game coordinator on rent. They are very important element of any function therefore we focus on quality quality anchor because they can create or destroy the party. Game coordinator on rent in Delhi.

An array of talented and experienced anchors add spark to the event. We have the best male/female anchors available for corporate events, wedding, personal events, etc. Our anchors can speak Hindi or English according to your requirement. Anchor for hire in Delhi.

Therefore we provide quality services on an affordable price. With years of experience, so we provide the best anchors or emcee that can host any event, let it be sangeet sandhya, pool party, mehandi function or reception, they host them all. Anchor for rent in Delhi.

Game Coordinator On Rent:

Since the anchor follows the general order of events with thanks and acknowledgements to the wedding party. Hence our anchors make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Game coordinator on rent in Delhi.

Game coordinator basically coordinates with kids and guest. To provide a great environment  he always try to keep every one busy by engaging every one with activity. Anchor for rent in delhi.

We have both male game coordinator and female game coordinator for hire in Delhi-Ncr. Anchor for hire in Delhi.

Hence some of the games that game coordinator will play:

  1. Demanding Game
  2. Passing in Hoopla
  3. Floating land
  4. Instruction Game
  5. Nimboo Game
  6. Tug of war
  7. Tongue Twister
  8. Three Fruit Game
  9. Musical Game
  10. 4 Corner Game
  11. In or Out in a Rope
  12. Hurry Game
  13. Pyramid Game
  14. Balloon Blasting
  15. Kids Que/Ans Game
  16. Racing with balloon
  17. Paper dance
  18. Kids Cat Walk
  19. Dancing Statue with Partner
  20. Cartoon Game
  21. Lemon Game
  22. 10 Cartoon Game
  23. Kids Counting
  24. Slow motion Game
  25. Pick the shoes with the partner
  26. One legged race
  27. Hop race
  28. Fashion Show
  29. Musical chair
  30. Fire in the mountain
  31. 3 Legged race

Similarly some other related artist are Magic Show , Long man Artist , Puppet Show and even more. Game coordinator for hire.

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Male Anchor

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Female Anchor

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