Fashion Theme Party Planner

Fashion Theme Party Delhi. Sixteen or sixty, who hasn’t think about being an amazing supermodel !!! Well, here’s your chance to have all the glitz and glamour of Fashion Week without ever leaving home. And the biggest part of the party is that it’s so flexible – just randomly pick and choose the thing which is best for you or your guest of honor. Fashion Theme Party Planner.

Fashion Theme Party Invitation:

Celebrate your fashion Theme party with our own personalized magazine cover invitation. This stylish invitation can be turned into a sign in the board of your reputation in your own society . It’s all about making a statement and amazed your guests from the very beginning with an incredibly unique personalized invitation card . Fashion Themed Birthday Party.

Well, Make sure it does reach to your guest and turn the invitation into a magnet so friends and family can hang it on their refrigerators. Fashion Theme Party Decoration.

Your guests will have a great souvenir of your party before it even starts! Want a more traditional invitation? Choose a colorful fashion theme invitation, or an invitation with polka dots (so in this season)! It’s a bright, fun look that your guests will love. No matter which invitation you choose, be sure to tell your guests to glam Up for the event – jewels and jeans, dress to impress, casual chic. Remember, it’s all about the look! Fashion Theme Party Delhi.

Entertainment and Activities:

There are tonnes of ways to entertain your fabulous fashion Theme – your party may last all night! Try at least one of these activities to keep your family and friends entertained well into the evening: Since everyone will be “dressed Till Nine O’Clock ,” make sure they have an opportunity to show off their outfits. Once everyone is ready to go, bring the red carpet in from outside and create your own Pathway.

Have someone to act as the master of ceremonies and comment on all the “models” as they’re going down the runway. Everyone will be clapping and laughing! We will Hire you a manicurist and a hair stylist for 2-3 hours of the evening. Fashion Theme Party Ideas.

Guests will feel pampered with this special treatment. Don’t forget to also set up your own nail polish and makeup station for guests to play around on their own. If your guests were little more reserved and aren’t quite ready to “dress the part” of a model, they can still be a superstar. A photo opportunity of a model (in a long Sassy dress) is a wonderful way to step into the spotlight for a few minutes. Take pictures of everyone using a Polaroid camera at the present moment – it’s a great party favour that your guests will love.

Fashion Party Favors:

Unfortunately, all parties have to end some time. In addition to wonderful memories, you can send your guests home with some terrific party favors. Regardless of their age, everyone loves glow jewelry and light up jeweler. Fashion Theme Party Planner.

Rings, bracelets, even earrings – they’re all fun to wear. No one is ever happy with their hair but everyone will be delighted with a neon type of hair piece in a variety of colors. Clip it on and go – hairstyles can be changed in seconds! And remember that no look is complete without wearing the perfect sunglasses. Fashion Theme Party Decoration.

Glamour glitter glasses are a must for all your guests. A fashion forward gift that’s practical too – what could be better? You can also send everyone home with sweet Foddy items to remind them of your event. Fashion Themed Birthday Party.

A personalized fashion candy bar wrapped is a great way to tie in with your theme. Unbelievable is how all your guests will describe your party. Fashion Theme Party Ideas.

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