Digital GIF Booth For Hire

Digital GIF Booth On Rent. Basic idea behind digital GIF is that you can create different variety of GIF video with our technology. Digital GIF booth for hire.

Digital GIF booth Delhi. GIF is basically short video without sound , if you want to show some feeling without speaking any thing than you can shoot GIF videos. In this you can show your feeling or expression. Digital GIF booth rental.

Hence you can also have different variety of filter for GIF Video. Some of theme are like black and white , Flourishing , Enthusiastic , Fashion , Fall , Warm and many more… Digital GIF booth on rent.

Like wise you can also use different design of photo frame or style to record GIF videos. And you can shoot it in different texture also. Digital GIF booth Delhi.

Basically you can use this GIF booth for your event , birthday party , corporate event for promotion activity and many more. Digital GIF booth for hire.

Besides from Digital Games we also work in wide range of Normal Games like:- Hammer Game , Foosball Table Game , Beer Pong Table Game , Air Hockey and many more exciting games like this..

Some other activity like digital inauguration , digital uthak baithak and many more.. Digital GIF booth rental.

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digital gif booth for hire