Car Theme Party Delhi

Car Theme Party Planner. It’s a time for celebration and if it is kids birthday, we all know kids starts planning and assuming the dreams of their birthday, one month prior from the date. Besides this kids are very fond of Toys and Cars. So, let’s plan the birthday party with Car theme. Car theme party Delhi.

Hence to plan the car theme party, location should be outdoor, area should be huge so that we can arrange the cars and related decoration accordingly. Similarly surrounding covers with wooden stick fences. Fake Roads like flooring to feel the same. Similarly car craft activities for fun. Disney Car posters placed at various distances. Car theme party Delhi.

Sporty T-shirts and Racing Suits with cap and jackets are main costumes of the event. Few kids are in the uniform of Traffic Police. Red Yellow and Green Signals on the paths for showing directions on the roads. Mark the name of the paths like Games Street, Food-way, Car home town and even more. Car theme party decoration.

Hence ceremony begins with cake cutting. Cake that looks like a race track filled with your child’s toy cars. Cool car games for all ages including racing games and Cars themed games. Most importantly crazy frog melody in the background. Separate area for Bungy jumping, Video Car Racing, Collusion of cars, Remote control cars. Car themed birthday party.

Car Theme Party Ideas:

Above all tableware for Car party feature classic black and white checkered flag print on plates, napkins, party cups and decoration. For a Car & Truck Party food by serving theme-specific treats. Use car- and truck-shaped cookie, sandwiches, cheese slices, chips, cookies, Fries, snacks, pasta salad. Car theme party Delhi.

Most importantly make cars out of fruit by cutting different melons into rectangular strips for the body of each car, and then using a melon ballet to make wheels.  So attach the wheels to the cars with toothpicks, crossing them to look like wheel axles for Fruit chart. Candy and lollipops, flavored milk and juices. Car theme party planner.

Therefore multi-cuisine meals for kids and adults consist of Burger, Hot-dog, Pizza, Paneer-Tikka, Chiken-Tikka, Fried vegetables, various color and flavoured Rice, Non-vegetarian food, fish fry, variety of omelets. Fruit creams, ice-creams and jellies for desert. Car themed birthday party .

First of all music for kids and adults like pop and indi pop style. Hence take digital photos of each child and passes in the form “driver’s licenses” with their information to take home. Car theme party ideas.

Finally racing flags, Racing helmets, Remote Cars, Car video games, Lunch Boxes for return gift wrapped in a box decorated with big Disney car eyes. Car theme party decoration.

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