Bow & Arrow Game On Rent

Bow and arrow games on rent in delhi-ncr at reasonable price . Bow and arrow is basically a weapon to hit the target .

Target archery , most popular types of archery for bow and arrow games . In target archery you have to shoot continuously at bulls eye target to win the game . We provide one bow with three arrow with target area .

This game need hig concentration as you have to hit the same target thrice to win the game. You can play individually or in group , those who will hit the target most or who hit the nearest of the target will win the game. bow and arrow game for rent.

Most importantly a bow is made of wood or metal in arc shape in which a string is attached to both ends. Therefore an arrow is long , narrow part with vanes on one end and a pointed head on other end. Bow and arrow game for hire.

Hence there are different types of bows available such as Re curve bows are used on olympic . Similarly Compound bows are used in 3D archery and bow hunting. Furthermore Traditional bow are used in all major type of archery and Crossbows are also used in 3D archery and bow hunting , it is more accurate and have higher range. Bow and arrow game on rent .

Some other game related to bow and arrow are Balloon Shooting , Paintball game , break the pyramid game and many more…
Bow and arrow game for event
Bow and arrow shoot for corporate
Bow and arrow shoot for family day

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