Augmented Reality On Rent

Augmented Reality On Rent Delhi. AR for short is a mix of both the real and the virtual realm. To augment is to ADD! AR adds a digital subject into a real environment. It simulates a dynamic layer of digital object into a real world.  Paper vision, Live AR, AR Presentation & AR Arena are the types of Augmented Reality. Augmented reality for rent.

Basically Augmented Reality on steroids! Live AR incorporates AR on a giant screen . Augmented reality for hire. 

The user stand at the marked position in front of a projection screen. Hence the camera must placed above the screen tracks the surface below and around the user to integrate animation visuals around the user. Augmented reality for hire.

Augmented Reality For Hire:

It’s an innovative and eye catching. We are sure to hold attention of crowd throughout the presentation. Besides this it also give the presenter  a huge visibility. Interactive service for rent.

AR arena is a customized application which runs on a video wall through a camera tracking algorithms. Hence the host/user/person would be seen on the wall with integrated animations playing in their background. Augmented reality on rent Delhi.

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AR Paper vision

Paper Vision uses Image recognition algorithms and sophisticated tracking technologies to add virtual digital content into the real world.

Therefore a digital object or content is bounded to a marker and it makes the content appear on screen. Interactive service rental.

Augmented Reality For Hire:

AR presentation best organiser

Live AR

On the screen, the user and everyone who views the screen gets to see an augmented object/character with the user as look actually live there . It’s a fun activity for children as well as adults of all age groups to experience and share.

live ar for corporate party

AR Presentation

AR Presentation uses the tracking capability of AR to show floating interactive slides in presenter’s hand itself.  Furthermore a feed is displayed on large screen with the slide and presenter both. Interactive service rental.

AR presentation on rent

AR Arena

The user will have a view of himself standing on the podium with the predetermined set of custom animations playing in his background.

Augmented reality on rent
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