Rajasthani Theme Party Planner

Rajasthani theme party is evergreen theme party of all time. It is one of the most high rated theme party that is being arranged or structured all over India in a systematic way. Rajasthani Theme Party In Delhi.

Decoration will be done according to rajasthani look and feel that every corner will give you the feeling of Rajasthan. Hanging and cutouts of Rajasthani pagri , nagada , dhol , camel , puppet will be at every corner of the space provided. Rajasthani Theme Party Planner.

Hence we have different variety of rajasthani dance available for events like Ghoomar dance , Bhavai dance , Gair dance , Drum dance . Rajasthani Theme Party Decoration. Similarly kachhi Ghodi , Kalbelia dance , gawari dance , Kathputli , Kathak dance and many more.. Rajasthani Theme Party In Delhi.

Therefore we properly decorate whole place in such manner that you will feel like you are roaming in Rajasthan. 3 D cutouts , banners , hangings and many more item should be there for decoration. Rajasthani Theme Party Planner.

Rajasthani Theme Party Delhi:

There will be Camels at the gate for welcome. You can also have elephant for welcome of guest. Hence we can also place bullock card for photo shoot corner. Rajasthani theme party ideas.

Food must be simple, healthy and tasty only Indian rajasthani foods are preferred. Dal Bati Churma , Laal Maas , Gatte ki Khichdi , Dil Khushal , Rajasthani Kadi other traditional food from Rajasthan. Rajasthani Themed Birthday Party.

Entrance gate will be like fort , hence we will decorate the gate as it will look like the fort.  At entrance we will have cutouts of dhool , nagada and other items. Rajasthani Themed Birthday Party.

Since we also provide camel dance for the events , also have different variety of puppet show. Rajasthani theme party ideas.

Similar theme party Hawaii theme , One with fun theme , Pearl theme and even more . Rajasthani Theme Party Decoration.

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