Diamond Package. For birthday party we provide different package that will suit you. Hence we create package in such way that it will cover all decoration area with one or two activity. Package for birthday party Delhi.

So when ever you decide to organize a birthday party you can choose from our packages. Our packages starts from 15 k and goes up to 25 k. Other than this we organize customize theme that will cost according to elements.

Diamond Package Guru gram:

Basically these days every one wants to decorate their party with theme of their own. Now days client have different mind set they organize image from google and wants decoration like that. That’s why we have great team who are expert in decorating any design , from backdrop to gate design , from pillar to center piece.

So these days client are very precious in choosing design , they always want quality and different design of decoration. For this you need to be updated in each and every area of decor and design. Package for birthday party Delhi.

Hence in package we provide different things like balloon gate , balloon decor , decoration of cake table, happy birthday board and many more. Likewise birthday caps, khoi bag, cutout related to theme, center table decor, return gift counter and many other. In these package we also provide games and activity tattoo artist , game coordinator , Foosball table, Bouncy and many more.

Some other activity like outdoor balloon decor, customize theme, Hawaii theme party, flower theme party and many more.

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