Columbus Ride On Rent

We provide columbus rides on rent in delhi-ncr at very reasonable price. Columbus was in travelled by Columbus himself on which he roam around the world and discovered America.

Columbus ride is in shape of a huge ship. Today we can say that it’s a reproduction of ship manufactured in 16th century.

It is being manufactured as inflatable bouncy for kids and it’s being installed in birthday parties, fairs, outdoor events.

In amusement parks it’s in huge size that could be imagine a real Columbus.

As some of children parks there are mini Columbus are installed for kids.

We would not mind if some adult one would embrace his/her inner child by riding the Columbus stalled in any event or party.

Just to release your stress and refreshment for your heart and mind.

Enjoy the fun and provoke the other to do so as you are releasing yourself from routine life’s stress being a child by riding in Columbus.

columbus ride for birthday party
columbus for kids corner
columbus for birthday party