Churi Stall On Rent In Delhi

Churi Stall On Rent . Bangles or Churi are one of the ancient tradition in indian culture. Especially it is most important in marriage ceromany , where bride wear different colorfull bangles or churi. Churi Stall For Rent.

Today ladies magnify their charm or beauty by wearing bangles that comes in different form . Some types of bangles are lac bangles , mirror image black metal bangles , traditional style bangles, antique indian gold bangles in black , twistet silver and copper metal bangles and many more.. Churi Artist On Rent.

Different Types Of Bangles:

We provide you with different types of bangles or churi available in the market at our bangles stall. Our bangle artist are professional who has experties in bangle making , having almost 7-8 year of experiance in making different varient of bangles from tradition to antique to modern stylist bangles. Bangle Stall In Delhi.

We provide professional girls who are expert in bangle making , they will provide different variety of bangles/churi having different design , it has so many colour some are red ,some are green ,some are blue ,some are orange, some are pink in churi stall see in a different type of churi, so many type of churi (kanch lakh, sankh) bangoli likes sankh. Churi Stall For Hire .

Churi Designs:

Now a day so many churi stall see in a market. Different type and different quality, some are strong and some week, costly churi is strong and uncostly churi is weak.

All woman wear churi happy she purchase many churi. churi wala come any place all ladies purches churi. Bangle Stall In Delhi.

Bridal churisee looking is very good. People gifts churi in marriage. Some ladies likes’ designer churi designer churi wears model and rich woman. Some churi made in glass, some churi made in shank, some churi made in fiber, but lakh made’s churi so beautiful many people likes it. Churi Artist On Rent.

Festival time churi stall decorate by churi all the ladies like churi. Many place churi sell in hole sell range.  At last churi is mark of suhag. Churi Stall For Hire .

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