Cartoon Character On Rent

We provide cartoon character on rent in delhi -ncr , we have different variety of cartoon character available , basically we have two variety of cartoon character , one is live character and other is inflated character.

Live character are bheem live character , mickey live character , mini live character , gorilla live character , doraemon live character , charli live character , joker live character , hello kitty live character , frozen live character and many more .

Inflated character are spiderman inflated character , chhota bheem inflated character , minions inflated character , mickey live character and even more….

People love to have cartoon character in their birthday party or events.

We have different variety of cartoon dress available like teddy bear , Mickey Mouse, Dora moon, chhota bhim and even more…

These character provide great fun in the party. Cartoon character are of two type , one of them are made of plastic, which is full of air and connected with electric motor and battery. It have the height of 5 to 6 ft .

Second type of cartoon character are made of clothes , not having battery or electric motor. Child wears a many character dress as like Mickey Mouse, teddy bear and even more.

It is very impressive in party , people like him and many  enjoy him also. Basically Cartoon character is person from cartoons movie, which are animated moving sequences that are usually famous among kids.

Most Importantly cartoon character are endearing to adult as children many times we can relate them.

Cartoon character are in a way immortal and will never go down in history.

Doraemon Dress

doremon for kids party

Charlie Dress

charlie for party

Joker Dress

joker clown for birthday party

Chhota Bheem

chota bheem

Mickey Dress

mickey for party

Mini Dress

mikki mini for party

Girilla Dress

gorilla for party

Frozen & Hello Kitty Dress

hello kitty and frozen for birthday party