Bungee run on rent in delhi , bungee run game on rent in delhi-ncr for events. Bungee running is an activity where participants are attached to a secured elastic bungee cord and run to reach a fixed target so the aim of the game is to run as far down the inflated run as forcibly as you can, place a Velcro marker put on middle wall before the cord pulls you back to the start. Crews depute to judge the game name the winner after 3 rounds.

This is a great game for fun days, promotions, parties, team building days and corporate events. It has size restrictions so is unsuitable for kiddo children.

The inflatable can be crewed throughout the hire period and managed by one our dedicated team members . The crews are able to ensure all health and safety precautions are met, as well as manage timescales and queues.

This bungee run is best for birthday parties and other events too. Bungee run is for teens and adults at birthday party and adults party. Bungee run is favorite of children’s and adults.

Players – Two player as separate team

Equipment – Bungee run bouncy

Most importantly bungee run is a two player game, that can be played with two separate teams or just two players going head to head to win the goal.

Basically bungee run is great competitive fun, and puts your strength and stamina to the test. The aim of the game is that two players at a time with Velcro belts attached around their waist and are unleashed from their Velcro marker by the start buzzer, then run as fast as they can before the elastic fires them back.

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