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Pirate Shipwreck Theme Party Decoration in Delhi


Best Pirate Shipwreck Theme Party Decoration in Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon. At your Budgets with 25% Discount. So, Halloween is around the corner and you do not know how to decorate your building? You must be wasting time on the internet about what to do and how to go about it?

Reading and watching videos on the internet is easy but executing them is difficult, so stop worrying and contact us, we will arrange the best Pirate shipwreck theme party for you and your guests.

Things to focus on for a Pirate theme party are as follows: –

Invitation card: Though these days people invite their guests over a phone call it looks respectful when you drop a card. Since the theme of the party is pirate shipwreck then print cards according to it. There is no dearth of an idea when it comes to invitation cards. The card can have pictures of an octopus, skeleton, sailing ships, and so on.

Dress code: The happy part of a Pirate shipwreck theme party is its dress code. Everyone loves to dress according to this theme. While inviting your guests to the party, tell them about the theme, they will arrange their dress accordingly. If required you can discuss with your guests what they should wear. If everyone dresses in this theme then the party will be all the more fun.Pirate Shipwreck Theme Party Decoration in Delhi

Treasure chests:pirate shipwreck theme party is incomplete without the treasure chests. If children are coming to this party, then we can add two chests. We load up these with chocolate gold coins so that kids find it fun to pick up gold coins.

Photobooth: These days everyone is a social media addict, so a photo booth will be there. A corner will be decorated like a desert island or a pirate ship. Few cut-outs will be there for the extra effect. Obviously, there will be pirate-themed props, costume accessories just to jazz up the picture. Since we have our own camera person, we will get the photos ready before the guests leave the parties.

Party food: A party becomes memorable when there is good food. Guests look forward to the food that will be served, so we provide the best quality food. Pirate cupcakes will be the center of attraction, this will be served as starters. Once the guests come in, we will give them bright red and black cupcakes. There will be a traditional sandwich platter based on the theme. Some mini skeletons and pirate flags will be there for garnishing. For children, there will be mini meatballs and spaghetti.

Return gifts: If you want your guests to remember your party for a long time then give them some return gifts like a bandana, gold coins in form of chocolates, eye patches, pirate hooks, pirate swords, and so on. Let us know whether you want to give gifts or not, likewise, we will arrange it. For children, the host can give themed stickers, Pirate Shipwreck Theme playsets, or pirate-themed figurines.


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