Mardi Gras Carnival Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Kids in Delhi

Mardi Gras Carnival Theme Birthday Party Decoration

Have fun at our mardi gras & carnival theme party

Whenever guests hear the name Mardi gras & carnival theme party they are elated. They start counting the days when the party is. If you are someone who throws the most happening amongst friends and family members then your next party should be in Mardi gras and carnival theme style. As a host, if you want to have fun at your party then invite all your friends and people who are young.

This is a colorful theme where people look forward to having fun, dancing, enjoying, drinking, and eating good food. The theme may sound easy but arranging it can be difficult. The hosts need to keep in mind a lot of things like the music, venue, timings, and so on.

So, hire us, we will do everything on your behalf. We will arrange the best party for you so that your guests keep telling you about it everywhere they go.

A list of ideas for a carnival theme party are: –

Food: Whatever may be the theme of the party, the food will be the most important part of the celebration. We keep tweaking our menu so that guests can try different things.

  • Jambalaya: this is a spicy meal that will have rice, sausage, shrimp and we guarantee you that it will be hearty and a filling meal.
  • Gumbo: This is a strongly flavored stew, it will have rice, some veggies, seafood, and meats.
  • Side dishes: Fried okra, macaroni and cheese, potato wedges, grits, cornbread, and so on.

Alcohol: A Mardi gras and carnival theme party cannot be short of alcohol. If children are coming to the party, then there will be colorful mixed fruit juice and for hard drinks, there will be rum, cocktails, and vodkas.

Party decor: This party goes beyond balloons and flowers. This party will have unique elements or else it will look dull. There will be comedy and tragedy masks, they will be in purple or gold color. There will be feathers, beads all around. We promise to turn this place into a happening one with the help of our style decoration.

Dress code: This is something that every guest should follow for fun. Ask them to wear comfortable shoes so that they can dance for a long time without hurting their ankles.

Whatever dress one is wearing he or she has to wear a colorful wig or else it does not look fun. Wig plays an important role in a carnival party. Do not fear being judged; this is a party where people will be enjoying instead of commenting on each other’s dressing sense.

Makeup artist: If your guests say that they are not good with cosmetics then we can arrange a makeup artist who will help everyone. The makeup should be loud and vibrant at the same time. There will be false eyelashes, face paints, body paints, and body glitter. Rhinestone around the eyes also looks good for this theme. Mardi Gras Carnival Theme Birthday Party Decoration for Kids in Delhi.

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