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Harry Potter Theme Birthday Party Decoration in Delhi

Tips and Tricks to throw a Harry Potter theme party

Thinking of how to throw a harry potter themed party? Yes, we understand. Whether it’s a birthday party, Halloween party, or anything else, we have just got everything planned out for you.

Many children and adults love the film harry potter, Ron, and Hermione, hence the affection for harry potter is so influential with nowadays generations, still every child picks up the books of harry potter to read.

Here are some ideas in which you can plan a theme party of harry potter for children:

  1. An invitation like Hogwarts:

Suppose you are calling out adults in your child’s party, then you will have to make sure that they are invited, which is the first part. Then, you will have to write down the invitations and post or give it to your friends or family personally so that your child will be excited, especially if your child has not done this theme; hence, they are waiting for it.

You can also write a letter to say they are invited, like a Hogwarts letter. Don’t you think it will be excellent?

  1. Harry Potter food and drinks: 

You will have plenty of food and drink! Let’s begin with a cauldron cake, but first, you will need to decide the menu and plan it with your family to make sure that the guest will also enjoy whatever you will make.

There are so many recopies that you can get online and be ready for it; your child will be excited to have new things to eat.

  1. DIY Party Decorations:

You can make a birthday banner that says “Happy Birthday,” it is so easy you can get the template online and do it all by yourself. You can also get your entrance decorated with a coat and a welcome sign to invite the guest inside as if it’s Hogwarts.

You can even blow up balloons and decorate them like harry potter, where your childhood friends will enjoy everything.

  1. Harry Potter Games: 

You can play games; one of the perfect games is BINGO chips so that everyone will enjoy the fun. You also can print out harry potter coloring pages and while the children are there, just keep them busy by letting them color while the guest comes.

One better game is to let children play scavenger hunt in your backyard, as they will enjoy it a lot.

  1. Harry potter crafts: 

Arts and crafts are always fun for parties, and I enjoy this part. Making little wizards would be a good idea, and it will also be fun to make these. You can also make crafts like monster book covers which will be a good idea for and harry potter party.

  1. Harry potter Goodie Bag Ideas

You can make return gifts for kids to take them back, and you can include: key chains of harry potter with different characters. You can even put key chains of little wizards and witches so that the kids will be amazed.

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