Remote Car Game On Rent

Remote car game or race are famous among kids off all age, they love to race with each other in a healthy competition for fun. Remote Car Game In Delhi.

Also provide you with race track of different size as per your requirement and car with remote. We have different variety of tracks , straight track , round track or square track , depending on your need we can also modify the track. Remote Car Game For Hire.

We provide remote car game on rent in Delhi for birthday parties. Remote control car is now familiar in every fair, birthday party, co-operative event. Special corners need to be spaced for this activity.Remote Car Game For Hire.

A track installed for car race operates with remotes. Tracks spread for remote car race is 4*10 ft by size. Remote Car Game Rental.

Only battery operated cars can take participate in race. Tracks could be in any of color combinations, cars are beautiful and well maintained. Any of age group is crazy to participate in remote car race. Remote Car Game Rental.

Cars are 100% controlled by remote. People hoot when cars hit each other. Kids get excited and love to repeat their participation. Remote Car Game On Rent.

Some other games Foosball table , Don’t buzz the wire , Hammer machine and even more ..Remote Car Game In Delhi.

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Remote Car for kids birthday party
Remote Car track on rent
Remote Car for birthday party