Rajasthani Puppet Show For Rent

Rajasthani puppet show is also known as kathputli dance means kaath Ki putli (wooden dolls). It is a very old in trend. We used to watch kathputli show in our school time in fairs and individually as well. it is a local folk style to telling a story by dance, songs and conversations within puppets. It is old but rich in contents. It is the way to tell a folk tale story in a very light way.

Audience never gets bore by watching this show. Rajasthani villagers discovered this Puppet show. Kathputli is the doll which is being operated by a single person with the help of a string on head of puppets. Now this Rajasthani kathputli show has become famous with the name of Rajasthani Puppet Show. We have 1st class and presentable Rajasthani Puppeteers

for all your birthday parties or any of co-operate events.