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Photo Shoot Corner

In any event lots of guests are expected and you want them to enjoy their time at your event. Photo booths are the hottest thing to happen to Indian event. Photo shoot corners with props, try-ons, couple shots with backdrops etc. are trending and planned out with lot of cool things that make the whole ceremony experience a fun time. People are dressed at their best with all fashion and grandeur, having a photo shoot corner in your event is a cool thing that guests are sure to use and participate with their family and friends. We have great ideas for booth corner and wedding photo booth .

There’s tons of inspiration out there about different and unique photo booth backdrop ideas for your event. A scootie pept, cardboard boat, vibrant streamers and tons of fun props like moustaches and funny glasses. We use a fun fabric as your backdrop and incorporate fun props like vintage frames, streamers, fun paper cut-outs or let your guests go wild with a chalkboard. DIY backdrops made out of colorful paper and use of hay or wooden pallets are a great and resourceful way to capture your photos for who’s crafty and loves bright colors! We use sparkly tassels as well which are great for adding fun ”pop” to pictures.

Your events are your best experiences. We ensure they become part of your memories by capturing them. Our professional team has an eye for composure, the best equipment and delivers outstanding photos. Trust us for your photos requirements and we will give you great memories to enjoy and remember. Our team has some of the coolest ideas for your photo-booth backdrop which includes:

  • Fresh flower wall.
  • Ribbons and globe lights wall.
  • Suspended carnations wall.
  • Giant polaroid frame.
  • Monochromatic paper flowers wall.
  • Rajasthani umbrellas with neat drape behind.
  • Wall of vines.
  • Rickshaw with flower décor.
  • Moon shaped photo booth.

Photo Shoot Corner Ideas

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