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Laddu Gopal Theme

Bal Gopal or Laddu Gopal is the baby form of Lord Krishna. He is considered to the cutest member of the family. He is described as naughty and playful but sweet and loving for his activities like stealing butter, running after gopis, for his melodious flute, fighting for justice, etc. Therefore he is worshipped and taken care like a child of the family in every household. He is considered to be friend of both young and old.

So, as your little boy turns one more year older, help him celebrate to the fullest by organizing for him a Laddu Gopal theme party. It won’t just add fun to the party but also the spiritual element that is so often missing these days.

We offer variety of ideas for this party theme with Laddu Gopal infused into tem in delightful ways. We help you to send out adorable Laddu Gopal themed invitations and let your closed ones know about the surreal experience they can expect at your child’s birthday party. We use cheerful Laddu Gopal decorations like welcome banners and entrance banners that will light up the mood of your guests as they enter the party. To further illuminate the party mood, we use Laddu Gopal decorations like themed backdrops, buntings, table covers, centerpieces and much more.

We position your little Kanha on a swing with new dress, traditional jewelry and flute decorated with golden sheets along with hanging pearls etc. We decorate the swing/jhula with marigold and rose flowers.

We have different types of games (like maakhan chor competition, quiz competition, tambola, dahi handi competition etc.) for adults and children as well so as to keep them entertained in the party. We keep a story telling session for the kids as they love listening stories about Lord Krishna as his childhood was full of enthralling incidents like how Lord Krishna was born on a stormy rainy night, how he fought with demons, why he was called maakhanchor, what made lift Govardhan mountain on his single finger, etc.

Apart from this, we offer hats, balloons, wristbands, photo – booths and photo frames that will let the kids have fun during the party. As they leave, they will be disappointed, but we can make them leave happily with gift bags and thank you cards, all of which are Laddu Gopal themed, and letting them remember the day for a long time. With our different ideas we’ll help you to throw really a cool party. We ensure you that your child and his friends will have the best time.

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