Important Information

Those who gives good presentation , its not necessary that he will give you good production , lots of time these thing happens that those who give finest production is not able make good presentation .

There are lots of people available in the market who gets work from market by showing good presentation , but they don’t have their in-house and then they start searching for lower category production house who can give him lots of margin and because of that they cannot provide quality of work promised to client. As production house was not up to the label they cannot implement it properly , so if you book party or events you must see both presentation and production house , if production house is not up to the mark as the presentation was , then there is lots of chance that your party will lay waste.

Birthday planner understand these things as we have our in-house and production team , and we give more attention to customer satisfaction .Our approach is unlike our competitors because we focus on your business first and your event is the result.