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Charlie Live Character On Rent . Charlie Chaplin was a great English comedian in a film industry. He was born on 16 April 1889 in London (England) . He belonged the poor family, his mother name was Hannah, and she was a singer and character comedian in British music hall. His father name was Charles Chaplin sr.

He is very straggle in your life. He begins his own career in nine years old in music hall. His carrier life was full of scandal and controversy .Charlie Chaplin was a so many live performance date video clip and tailor music and songs .

He was on writer modern time considered to be one of the most pivotal star of Hollywood. Chaplin was married four times and had a total 11 children. In 1921 Chaplin was decorated by the French government for his outstanding works a filmmaker, and was elevated to the rank of officer. He quickly soften up to the boy and after a few years, they make their together as a team.

He is also editor. In 1919, Chaplin co-founded the distribution company united art united artists, which gave him complete control over his films. He won so many awards in his life.

At last he died on 25 December 1977 Switzerland.

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