Butterfly Theme Party Planner

Kids always love flying creatures if the creature is colorful they attract them a lot. So planning for a kid a birthday party, we plan a butterfly theme party that make a smile on their faces. Location for these kinds of parties is outdoor either the open farm house or some big park or backyard of the house so the half of the decoration is done by nature itself. Cut the cardboard in the shape of big butterfly and hang it on the entrance or the butterfly banners also do well. The artificial flowers and herbs kinds of tree with butterfly on them looks amazing as a decoration. The dress code for kids is flying creature, for girls costumes of butterfly with wings and for boys costumes of spiders with wings. All the gathering should wear the butterfly mask. The big colorful cake with a photo of the birthday kid in the costume of butterfly at the centre of the rotational table make the event more attractive. The table cloths, curtains with the prints of colorful flying creature shows the organizer experience as well.

As the food is another attraction to the event so. It must contain variety of soups and juices. N number of ice-cream flavors must be available. Main course of adults and continental, Chinese and fast foods for kidsSweet rhymes as a background music.